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26th-Jun-2012 08:09 pm(no subject)
12th-Dec-2010 01:18 pm(no subject)
Who is going to win tonight?

I think it will be Matt, but I am not sure he has what it takes to have any kind of recording career.
7th-Nov-2010 02:21 pm(no subject)
my guess for tonight is treyc and katie in the bottom two. i feel a bit sorry for treyc, it seems like the judges' comments have a pretty big effect on public votes when it comes to her. apparently for the next two weeks there'll be double eliminations again, so things will be speeding up.

i feel like paige is pretty underrated in this competition.

also imo wagner is going to go soon. he was just annoying yesterday with the wedding thing, and every article i read about him is making me hate him more and more; the one about him walking in on mary half-naked and then refusing to leave/reducing her to tears is the last straw. not to mention i always feel the need to watch his hands around his female dancers now. ickh. :| and i thought his O Fortuna last week was brilliant and all.
3rd-Nov-2010 06:54 pm - Aiden Grimshaw Forum
Hello everyone,

I just created an Aiden Grimshaw forum at http://teamaidengrimshaw.forumotion.co.uk/, for anyone that's interested?

I thought it'd be good to have a place where us Aiden fans could talk freely about him without getting harrassed by Aiden haters, so here it is. As I've only just created it, there's no members as of yet, but don't let it put you off - I've started a lot of topics and am advertising around, so hopefully people will start joining soon and I think if so, the conversation will be really good :)

Oh and remember, you have to join to be able to post.

That's all, x
2nd-Nov-2010 12:48 pm - Hope this is allowed.
newsies: they almost kiss
Brand new community dedicated to One Direction!

If you like them please join!


Sorry if this isn't allowed. I saw the Jedward one so I figured I'd give it a shot.
31st-Oct-2010 05:53 pm(no subject)
happy halloween!

predictions for who's leaving tonight? thoughts on last night's performances?

imo the judges have gone nuts. aiden's version of thriller was brilliant i thought, not as 'fun' as a typical performance but musically speaking i thought the arrangement was great. and cher was good but her voice was shaky at points and sometimes shrill/pitchy, really not the performance of the season. :| oh, and wagner's o fortuna? BEST. THING. EVER. BY. MILES.

also, digital spy says cher's dating zain from OD? LOL.
17th-Oct-2010 02:24 pm(no subject)
hey guys! so what do we think of all the wank over this year's contestants.
9th-Mar-2010 06:31 pm - Cheryl//Joe PicSpam.
Stana Scrunchy

(click on picture.)

25th-Feb-2010 09:17 am - X Factour Tour Ticket 21 March 2010!
Hope this is allowed....

I was planning to be on holiday in the UK in March, but I got laid off from my job so it's not happening, and now I have an extra X Factor tour ticket that I'd like not to go to waste (and I could really use the money now that I'm unemployed)

I'd like to sell it for £25 (I paid £36)-- it's a great seat, too!

21 March 2010 London O2 Arena
section BK 102, row K, seat 64

Let me know if interested!
31st-Jan-2010 06:15 pm - jedward community!
♡ awakenings
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

for all of you jedward fans out there. our boys are launching their career baby! and i'm launching this community to celebrate. a community for all things jedward! news, pictures, icons, banners, fic, you name it! :D
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